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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

If you are in charge of a property you have a responsibility to not only prevent loss but you must also be able to investigate losses and stop losses from occurring. The only way to do this is with security management and security information. We offer the following access control systems:

  • Single door access control
  • Multiple door access control
  • Door intercom and CCTV

The last 20 years have radically changed the physical security industry. No longer is corporate security limited to locks and keys. Many new and sophisticated security management tools are now available. Lubbock Lock & Key, Inc. is your reliable and experienced source for this new access control technology including the following systems:

  • Digital keypad access
  • Magnetic card access
  • Mechanical pushbutton locks
  • Proximity card readers
  • Bio readers (hand geometry, fingerprint, and retina scan systems)
  • Electric strikes
  • Magnetic locks
  • And much more, the technology changes often and we keep up with the technology.

Access control means that you not only protect the property from unauthorized access, but you also have control of the authorized access. This means that you can control what user can access what door and at what times of the day or week. You have complete control of who comes and goes even to the point of using access as a time and attendance record.

The simpler the controls the more likely they will be used, the less likely they are to fail and the greater the security. The more secure the control system, the less likely it will be compromised by amateurs, professionals, or insiders. Whether you need to control one door or multiple doors in multiple locations, Lubbock Lock & Key, Inc. can supply the plan, the equipment, the installation and service you need. We will be glad to provide you with a site survey and quotation at your request.