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We’d like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Lubbock Lock and Key, your local security and locksmith professionals. We carry a complete offering of home and business door and security products, and have dozens of safes in stock. We believe our expertise and unequaled service make us the first choice for any of your security needs. We are a full service locksmith company offering everything from professionally duplicating keys and re-keying your existing locks to complete access control systems, safes and vaults and so much more. If it has a lock on it (or needs one) we have a service for it.

We offer a free security audit and free estimates on any service we provide. In just a short time, one of our security professionals can inspect your home or business, assess your security level and recommend ways to increase your security and peace of mind.

When it comes to choosing the right solutions for your individual needs, it’s easy to get lost among the thousands of products on the market. To be sure you’re getting the right security for your individual needs, you can depend on Lubbock Lock and Key, Inc. We have the knowledge and the expertise to explain the various options and help select the right ones for you.

Our store is conveniently located at the corner of 34th street and University Ave. (2434 34th street). If that isn’t handy for you, we can send one of our six mobile shops to your door.

Our office hours are 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

See our list of security services and if you would like a free security audit, please call us today at 806-795-7117 and we’ll be glad to visit you at your convenience.


Larry Viaille, CML

Meet Our Staff

Larry Viaille

Larry Viaille

President - Certified Master Locksmith

Larry Viaille was born in Levelland, Texas and joined the Air Force after graduating high school in Castro Valley, California. He spent a year in Korat, Thailand during 1967-68. Larry went to work for National Cash Register (NCR) in 1968 after completing his time in the Air Force. He spent six years at NCR and spent approximately 1/3 of this time in technical schools in places as varied as Tyler, Texas, Hartford, Connecticut, Denver, Colorado, and Dayton, Ohio learning mechanical and electronic equipment repair, adding to the year of electronics school he completed in the Air Force.

In 1971, while still working for NCR he co-founded Lubbock Lock and Key with his wife, Nancy. Larry has only had three jobs since high school, USAF, NCR and Lubbock Lock and Key. The electronics and mechanical training provided by the previous two employers was a great basis for learning the lock and safe business. He has completed dozens of classes, courses and CEU units in the 44 + years he has been the owner of Lubbock Lock and Key.

Larry spends most of his time now managing the business, but is still actively involved in the safe cracking and safe moving portion of the business.

His outside interests include motorcycling as a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association as well as church activities and playing with grandchildren. He is soon to be a great-grandfather.

A fun fact is that Larry and Nancy rode their motorcycle on a 1,053 mile trip for their 40th anniversary (almost 10 years ago) traveling from Lubbock to Amarillo to Oklahoma City to Little Rock, AK to Memphis, TN to Jackson, MS – all in one day (about 18 hours) Why, you ask? He doesn’t know, it was Nancy’s idea.

Nancy Viaille

Nancy Viaille

Vice President and CFO

Nancy Viaille was born in Elk City, Oklahoma and attended 14 different schools before her senior year because her family moved often. She graduated high school while in Laredo, Texas, and has completed multiple indistry courses and continuing education courses as well as “through the fire” on the job training as a locksmith in the early days of Lubbock Lock and Key. She is co-founder of Lubbock Lock and Key with her husband, Larry Viaille.

She says she has really known nothing but Lubbock Lock and Key since she has been front and center for over 44 years. Nancy is our Vice President and CFO. She knows every aspect of the business but prefers to stay in the office and manage the accounting. Nancy specializes in problem solving and helping out with logistics (dispatching). She tries her best to get the right technician to any job a customer has because she is compassionate and understands what it is like to have to wait on a tradesman to show up to do work.

Her interests outside work are church, bible study, needlework, cleaning (really, that’s what she said) and being with her kids, grandkids and soon to be first great-grandaughter.

Some fun facts are that Nancy is a licensed pilot, licensed motorcycle rider and has participated in one ride of over a thousand miles in less than 24 hours. She is a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

Vicki Box

Vicki Box

Customer Service - Dispatcher, Locksmith

Vicki Box was born in Lubbock and graduated from Monterey High School but she won’t say when. She also attended Texas Tech for one year and has taken many industry courses and CEU classes in her 30 year career with Lubbock Lock and Key. She came to us as an alarm installer in 1985 after spending five years with another alarm company. When we got out of the alarm business in 2000, she transferred over into the lock company and has been a stalwart employee ever since.

She specializes in several areas such as access control, CCTV, masterkeying and customer service. She currently runs our dispatch computer and she says she can tell other employees where to go and what to do with the best of them. We really appreciate her empathy with our customer as well as her ability to rearrange the schedule to accommodate as many customers as possible. In the rare case when we ruffle feathers, Vicki is likely the one that can make things right again with the customer. She will be the one you talk to when you want to schedule a call.

Vicki worked on an oil rig for a while before entering the security business but says she left that job in order to keep all her fingers.

Her outside interests are varied and include animals, gardening, camping (but not roughing it), boating and going to the deer lease with her husband. Vicki’s fun fact is that she builds birdhouses (and puts them on long poles). She is taking classes this year to become a master gardener.

Sam Rodriguez

Sam Rodriguez


Sam Rodriguez was born in Lockney, Texas and went to high school in Lubbock. He has completed many industry courses and continuing education units since coming to Lubbock Lock and Key over 13 years ago. He is a general locksmith and specializes in automotive work as well as materkeying, door closers, panic bars, Assa and Mul-T-Lock high security locks. Sam impressions keys (makes keys by inserting a blank key in a lock and makes it work by filing the impression marks down until the key turns). He works on door closers and interchangeable core locks. He also helps train newer locksmiths.

When asked how his strengths translate into benefits for our customers, Sam said it was by “getting to and completing the job to the customer’s satisfaction and leaving things better than he found them.” (attaboy, Sam)

Sam enjoys spending time with his kids and he is a great cook also. He says his “fun fact” is that he likes to make people smile.

Toby Jeffreys

Toby Jeffreys


Toby Jeffreys was born in Clovis, New Mexico (but he got to Lubbock as soon as he could). He graduated from Clovis High School and has worked as a locksmith for over 24 years. He first worked in Clovis for over 17 years and has been at Lubbock Lock and Key for over 7 years.

Toby is usually the first one you meet when you walk in our door. Other than his long experience in general locksmith work, Toby specializes in interchangeable core locks, masterkeying, automotive work and is especially adept at “wafer reading” which is a method of making a key simply by looking inside the lock without taking it apart.

Somewhere in the past 25 years or so, Toby also worked for Frito Lay for a year and a half. We don’t know where he came to love Dr. Thunder (Walmart brand Dr Pepper), but we bet it goes good with Frito Lay products. He not only loves Dr. Thunder, but says it goes well with a good James Bond movie.

He says he learned from his family to be reliable and work hard when he is at work and that is very true. The energizer bunny has nothing on him. When he’s at work, he is always finding something beneficial to do.

Toby’s interests outside work include church, walking (several miles a day) along with movies, games and spending time with his family.

Bill Norris

Bill Norris

Lockmith, Safe Cracker

Bill Norris graduated from Junction City High School in Arkansas. He has completed many industry classes and continuing education units as well as being a certified Tidel technician. He is a locksmith and safe technician. Bill also works on all general lock work as well as being an access control tech and a first class safecracker. He spent 20 years in recreational boat repair, which means he went to a lot of technical schools for mechanical and electronic devices, which made him a natural at locksmithing and safecracking.

Bill took to this job like a duck takes to water and we are pleased to have been able to hire him in 2012. He works out of one of our smallest vehicles (a 2011 Ford Transit Connect) and has been able to configure it into a true “mobile shop” capable of doing lock, access control and safe jobs all over the west Texas area. One of his favorite work trips is to Mentone, Texas.

His outside interests include long distance motorcycle rides and I mean really long distance (over a thousand miles in less than 24 hours), which he has completed many times. Two in particular were done inside the city of Lubbock. On two separate occasions, he has ridden around Loop 289 covering over 1,000 miles (about 40 complete trips around the loop) in about 18 hours. One time he did it just because he could and the second time he did it to benefit his children’s Christian school in Levelland. It is any wonder that some people call him “Wild Bill” and did I mention that he did all this on a motorcycle that is under 500cc (that’s a pretty small motorcycle for that kind of ride).

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith was born in Lubbock and earned an associates degre in psychology from South Planis College and is working on a B.A. from Texas Tech. He has been working with Lubbock Lock and Key for over two years.

Kevin works as a general locksmith and is specializing in access control and will be taking safe opening and repair courses in 2016. He currently does a great job on residential and commercial calls.

He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and has served in Iraq. He enjoys camping, hiking and fishing.

A fun fact is that Kevin actually enjoys jumping out of perfectly good planes while they are in the air.

Dani B

Dani B


Dani was born in Texas, by the Grace of God, and has been working with Lubbock Lock and Key since 2015

Dani loves her “fur-babies” and probably should be called a rescue service, with 14 dogs, 3 birds and recently rescued a duck. She likes crafts including creating custom, one of a kind jewlry pieces (wire wrapping, ect.). Dani likes plants and has flower and vegetable gardens. She is a fair weather rider of a Harley Davidson Sportster. She’s also a member of the LLano Estacado Emmaus Community and likes helping folks.